Recent Pieces from Ordinary Times and Harry’s Place

From Ordinary Times:

Will the Chavistas Please Stand Up?

The radical left always wants to “overturn the system” but rarely acknowledges how often it fails with disastrous results.

DC Movies Could Learn a lot From Woody Allen

DC needs to go back to film school and study one of the masters.

On Nesting and Steam Vacs

The moment you know you have reached middle age, and are happy to do so.

Alt-Right Memes Go Mainstream

The Alt-Right has capably pushed its memes into the mainstream. Can it succeed when limited to its own platforms?

Trump and the Conservative Disposition

In light of Trump’s most recent loathsome statements, it is clear the Republican Party has fewer actual conservatives than it wishes to admit.

In Praise of Left-Wing Candidates

We disregard left-wing criticism of the political and economic system at our own peril.

The White Party

The success of Trump demonstrates just how committed white Americans are to ethnic nationalism.

Trump Won Because of Pokémon

It’s abundantly clear that the Nintendo property is responsible for Trump’s victory if you just believe everything I say.

Playing Final Fantasy 15 With Kids

Where a father attempts to review the new Final Fantasy game.

From Harry’s Place:

Dealing with the “Alt-Right”

McCain, Trump, and Glavin on Syria


Recent Pieces at Ordinary Times

Radical Reading: Detroit – I Do Mind Dying

Bread, Circuses and Debates

The Limits of Enthusiasm: Iowa 2016

The Establishment’s “Anti-Establishment” Candidates

David Bowie as the Right Wing Artist

Radical Reading: A Small Key Can Open a Large Door

The Year of the Alt-Right

(Image: Roman Mosaic from the Great Palace of Constantinople) 

Does the Left Need Christianity?

My new piece is up at Ordinary Times. Here is a bit:

“I hold a controversial position on the subject of common narratives that libertarians and liberals may find problematic. I believe that the tragedy of our contemporary society is the death of any meaningful meta-narratives that bind a community or people. Not only has Christianity faded in its communal importance, but in terms of political power, ideologies like socialism are ghosts of their former selves. What makes us a community or nation other than our proximity? What responsibility do I have to my neighbor if larger social ideals do not bind us together?”

Read it all here.