Rebirth and Renewal

Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings – always darker, emptier and simpler.
-Friedrich Nietzsche

This will be my new home in the digital world. I spent the last 10 years blogging at But, I am a liberal, an extraordinary long time considering the sites that have come and gone during that period. I am proud of some of my work there, but felt increasingly bound by the ideological boxes I placed myself within. I just published a book containing essays from the last decade, and feel it was a nice way to put that project to bed.

Starting a new blog, with a new name and focus, felt like the best way to begin writing again. In many ways, I am “officially” putting past ideas and positions to rest. Surely, my writing will engage in similar discussions and quires, but the tone and approach will change significantly.

I would like to do longer pieces, full fledged essays if you will, rather than the shorter sarcastic pieces some of my posts focused on. My life has also changed significantly; I was recently married, and had a daughter. I feel older. I feel less connected to the modern world around us, and hope this new home will allow me to better explore these issues.

I plan to engage in debate and reflection with those advancing unpopular, even dangerous ideas. Rather than regulating myself to an ideological ghetto, I want to consider radical positions that some may find offensive. I used blogging to “think aloud” when I first began in 2005; my goal is to return to similar thinking with this site.

I hope that my old comrades, allies, and enemies will join me for the ride.

(Image: Fracesco Hayez – Crusaders Thirsting Near Jerusalem -1836)


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