Fatherhood and Conservatism

My first post at Ordinary Times is up now. It addresses my increasing conservatism following the birth of my daughter. Here is just a bit.

In Douthat’s article, he argues that when viewing life through your children’s eyes, the challenges of the surrounding world appear more “immediately available through daughters than through sons.” I am beginning to understand this position. The entire modern world around us is so saturated in sex and deviance, that it is not as simple as turning-off the TV. It isn’t just a matter of choice, as the values represented and permeated by our pop-culture is practically inescapable. While I have never meet someone who believes the vulgar behavior present in the media should be adopted by children, I am beginning to see just how ubiquitous entertainment designed for young adults is at all levels of our culture.

When I bring up these negative elements of our pop culture, and explore the possibility that we should collectively take action against them, I get some odd looks from my liberal friends. They recognize (rightfully) that my arguments sound a great deal like those made by the religious right. They reminded me that it is the responsibility of the family to instill virtuous values in children, not popular culture (which they concede represents deleterious morals). They argue that we were all exposed to these things in our youth, but we turned out alright. Why not uphold that same attitude with my own children?

Read it all here.

(Image: Ancient Roman Fresco) 


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