Social Democracy and Multiculturalism

My new post at Ordinary Times about the difficulties in creating trust and socialism in a multicultural society. Here is just a bit:

This topic becomes more apparent when discussing recent events in Baltimore. Just a week following rebellion in the birthplace of The Star Spangled Banner, any meaningful discussion on race has already dissipated from the mainstream press. Rightfully, many commentators on the left connected the problems in Baltimore to the economic state many of its poor, minority citizens find themselves. Building solidarity between white and black Americans, especially if redistributive economic policies are to be enacted, is a necessary requirement to fundamentally changing poor inner-city communities. Yet, this has always been at the heart of race relations in this country. Americans can accept that all people may be American, but we rarely see each other as kin.

This social reality may be unsatisfying (and perhaps debilitating). A multiethnic society with a strong welfare state is unlikely to come to fruition if one examines how social-rights are often at odds with vast capitalist societies. The impediments of multiculturalism on a mass socialist project may be insurmountable.

Read it all here.

(Image: Alexander Gerasimov – Collective Farm – 1937)


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