In Defense of Grey Bands

I have been made a contributing writer at Ordinary Times. My first piece for them is in defense of bands that go past their prime, focusing on Chris Squire and Yes in particular.

Yes became more than a punch line for many, and yet they soldiered on. They recorded a slew of records well after their creative fit in the early 70s. In fact, they were a few weeks from starting another massive tour, just as they have unwaveringly done for the last decade. Yes was not played in my household when I was young, so no nostalgia was involved when I came to appreciate their music. It simply sounded great coming off the stacks of vinyl I could readily get in dollar bins around the Bay Area. The Roger Deancovers initially enticed me, but I ended up enjoying the music as well (I still chuckle at the fact that many of these gatefold sleeves smell as if joints have been rolled frequently on them. Oh, the things they have seen).

You can read the whole thing here.

(Image: Chris Squire – Wikicommons)


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