Donald Trump and Fascism

My new piece on the growing confidence of the radical Right and its connection to Donald Trump is now up at Ordinary Times. Here is a piece:

Yet, fascism is more than a single political figure. It is an ideology that lurks in the mind of any who feel the modern world is fraudulent and wicked. Fascism, at its core, is a desire for meaning and order and a rejection of the slow parliamentarism characterized by diverse pluralistic democracies. The enduring quality of fascism is that it is in all of us, but only rarely manifests itself politically.

Trump has catapulted to the top of the polls because a political and ideological movement has been stirring on the Right for decades. This Identitarian and Neo-Reactionary undertaking sees in Trump a desire by white voters to address orthodoxies on immigration and race often excluded by the Republican beltway. In the last few years, I have made it a habit of reading fringe Right-wing websites and their political trajectory (more on the movement and its ideology here). In regards to Trump, I began to see a trend develop across the Identitarian sphere, and the following arguments were culled from those sources.

Read it all here.


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