Star Wars, The Hero’s Journey, and Multiculturalism

My new piece about the #BoycottStarWarVII “movement” and the alt-right is up at Ordinary Times. Here is a bit:

This wasn’t the first time this group of Internet activists made a stink about a popular motion picture. When the new Mad Max film was released, the very same group complained that making the film’s protagonist a woman was just Hollywood feminizing a “man’s film” for the sake of cultural acceptance and appropriation. (Oddly enough, I found Fury Road to be rather antifeminist in its themes and arc, but that’s for another day).

Richard Spencer of Radix Journal has always been a sharper tool in the white nationalist arsenal than his blunter (and denser) allies. I’ve followed his rise on the Right for some time, and I’ll admit, I find myself agreeing with some of his points from time to time. Responding to the media storm that descended on #BoycottStarWarsVII, he argued against those shunning the film. However, he did write:

Liberals are getting mad at people for noticing something that is manifestly true—and something that was, no doubt, discussed in detail at the all-White and Jewish productions meetings in which the Force Awakens script and casting were hashed out. The galaxy is being diversified. And Hollywood is selling a post-White future, not through revenge fantasies like Django Unchanged, but through the nostalgia trip of a new Star Wars movie.

Clearly, there is a difference between recognizing the multicultural veneer present in Hollywood films and boycotting said films on principle. JJ Abrams has affirmed explicitly that he wanted a more racially diverse cast and the marketing of the film has capitalized on this element of it.

Read it all here.


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